RPG Maker Golden Week Givaway

If you had asked me 18 months ago “do you have what it takes to make a computer game ?”

The answer would have been a definite “NO!”.

But now, thanks to RPG Maker, not only can i make my own game, i have gained enough Knowledge to create very unique systems, that most RPG Fans would kill to have…

Now, There are loads of different products that RPG Maker offers, from the newest game making program (VX Ace) to the incredible resources that you can get as add-ons to the program.

Not only that, there are THOUSANDS of free resources provided by members of the community (including myself)

My favourite resource pack that The RPG Maker staff offer if the High Fantasy Mega Bundle…

It features EXCELLENT tiles (used for mapping), hundreds of new characters (nice and tall), battle backgrounds, overlay’s (such as fog)  and lets not forget all of the beautiful battler graphics too. (theres also script resources within this pack).

Now, dont get me wrong, while there are many many resources available either from Enterbrain directly (thats who makes the RPG Maker program) or from the huge array of community members, what i would really like to see is a section to request some kind of resource (directly from Enterbrain) whether it be a nice HUD Graphic, or a unique Character sprite-sheet, i think this would be a very useful feature, as the resources provided by Enterbrain’s staff are PHENOMENAL, and much better than the resources that certain members of the community would provide for a similar service. (not that the community is bad at making resources, just the Enterbrain staff resources are usually are EPIC)

Also, Enterbrain are offering 40% off ALL Products this weekend only !!

Yes an amazing 40% !!

So, if you are like me and would love to see your idea’s come to life in your very own pixelated heaven, or even if you know someone who would. Then i highly reccommend you to try out RPG Maker (Vx Ace) as quite simply,

“RPG Maker helps you make your own game.”

Link To RPG Maker Webpage

Another Link To Products Page

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