$D13x – Gold Tracker

# ☆ Introduction
# Simple script to keep track of how much gold the party has earned and spent.
# Doesnt really do anything else.

4 thoughts on “$D13x – Gold Tracker

  1. Dekita-RPG says:

    its always on, as long as the script is there, it will track the gold earned and spent.
    script calls:

  2. dejan says:

    Can you then tell me if possible where I can see those tats? I use the calls but I don’t see any pop up nor a tab where I can see that info. Thanks for reply

    1. Dekita-RPG says:

      you wouldnt see a popup or anything. it tracks the value, that is all! If you wanted to see a window with the value displayed, set a variable the value returned by the script call, and then use \v[id] to display the variable in a text box.

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