$D13x Statistic Level Up Control

# ☆ Introduction
# This Script allows for regular/x/s-Params to be increased by a set value
# for each level, just like params are done in the database, but for x/s-params.
# It Also offers a substantial increase in the control Dev’s have over their
# actors / classes statistic increases.
# Obviously you are able to set the params to go way above the normal
# limits for each level, as well as provide ways to  increase/decrease
# stats that are not normally changable from level.
# You can also have all stats decrease upon level down. (not normally possible)
# The Database’ Parameter curve feature will still be used, to turn this off
# make all stats lv 1-99 the same value, ie. 1
# Plug – Customise – Play
Requires Statistic Control << LINK

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