$D13x Equipment Sets

# ☆ Introduction
# This script creates equipment sets.
# if an actor is equipped with enough items from the set, they will get a bonus
# to a statistic, such as parameters, xparams, sparams atk element rate,
# defence element rate, skills.
# This script also adds an information window into the status screen,
# accessed by pressing :S (default), this shows the current set items and
# all bonuses currently obtained.

5 thoughts on “$D13x Equipment Sets

  1. Jesse Perez says:

    I really love this script. Using it in a game, but one thing I found, and maybe this was intentional, but if I have more than one bonus on the same amount of set pieces (ex: Eva+20% & Crit+10% both on 5 access equipped), only the first one registers properly while the others don’t. I have to spread them out across three equip amounts, such as one bonus on 2, one bonus on 4 and one bonus on 5.

    If intentional, I’ll leave it as is, but if not, any possibility on adding this? I wanted to keep the bonuses from being mixed among various accessory sets and just have all bonuses achieved once all the pieces were equipped. Thanks for the wonderful scripts!

    1. Dekita-RPG says:

      i have got the plans to allow for multiple bonuses for x amount of pieces, just havent got the time to script right now 😦
      it will happen eventually though 🙂

  2. xaigoth says:

    want to use this (with stat maxes around 900k-10mil) the set script would be fun to work with but…… it looks very time consuming to plan each gear and set accordingly to keep balance in the game…..(only have 2-3 hours a day to work on my game) my game how ever focuses on artifects of the past and sets would go well with it…..ugh any reccomends?

    1. Dekita-RPG says:

      Unfortunately not. I also hate how time consuming certain scripts of mine are – for customizing… My Randomized equipment is by far, the worst for how long it takes to customize…

      Maybe you could have only sets for the ‘best’ equipment in your game. Maybe for the legendary gear or something?

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