How To Build & Debug MV Games on Android – IN 1 MINUTE!!

Hey guys :*

It was recently suggested that I make a tutorial for how to debug your mv games in realtime when they are running on android, so I decided to record a video on the subject..

This tutorial details how to create a new app using android studio, how to add any html project to the app (mv game used as an example), how to change some of the basic options (fullscreen, app colors, etc), how to use android device features such as vibrate and pop toast, and most importantly, how to build your game/app directly to your android device and begin debugging it within 1 minute!!

To follow along with this tutorial you will need:
A HTML File (MV game index.html – for example)
Android Studio (for building app)
Android Device (for testing app)
Google Chrome (for debugging)

An example project (using a basic html app, not an mv game) is available from the videos description (your game can easily be dropped in place of the current html – make sure to watch the video in full to find out how).

If you like this guide, please leave a comment with your feedback, and like/share where applicable! If you are sharing this tutorial, please share the main video as that has all links and information included – rather than sharing just the example project) ❤

Lastly, if you have any similar tutorials you would like to see, please do let me know!! :)

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